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All About Me

Blessings !

Hello, I'm Abigail, a holistic practitioner of English and Iranian heritage. My journey in the world of holistic wellness began when I relocated from London to the serene shores of Mallorca in 2016. My educational foundation in Psychology and Therapeutic Counselling laid the path for my lifelong commitment to empowering clients on their healing journey.

In addition to my background in psychology and counseling, I've delved into the world of shamanic work, integrating ancient wisdom into modern holistic practices. This profound connection with shamanic traditions has deepened my understanding of the body's innate self-healing power and has allowed me to offer a unique approach to healing and wellness.

I'm a well-renowned massage practitioner on the island, continually seeking innovative treatments and therapies to enrich my practice and cater to the diverse needs of my clients. My mobile massage service extends the convenience of having a rejuvenating session brought to you, whether it's in your own home, a luxurious hotel, or amidst the tranquility of a holistic retreat. I'm excited to connect with you, facilitating your journey towards that zen moment you truly deserve, where ancient wisdom and modern wellness converge.

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